Choosing the Right Team Kite

If you start reading this article expecting me to tell you what the single best team kite is, you’ll be disappointed. Put 10 team flyers in a room together, and you’ll probably get 12 nominations. What I want to do in this article is to go over some of the aspects you may want to consider when choosing a team kite. I will, in the end, tell you what team kites we are using, and why, so if you want to consider those as recommendations, be my guest!

A few things first: I’m only going to talk about dual-line team kites, as that is where my experience lies. That experience comes from being part of a dual-line pair, Flying Fish, together with my wife Irma, since 2011. Also from both of us being part of a dual-line team, L-katz, initially with Tony, Neil and Roger, and more recently with Neil, Roger, Pea and Lisa (the latter two form the dual-line pair Twisted Bridle). I can fly a quad-line kite, but not well enough to fly in a team (at least not without taking at least half the team out within half a minute!). I’ll leave discussing quad-line team kites to someone with experience in quad-line team-flying.

Targeting this article mostly at starting team flyers: those who have an interest in team-flying but are not sure what kites to use. And, finally, to avoid repeated awkward sentences, I’m considering a pair as a 2-person team, even though most competitions have separate pair and team disciplines. So when I talk about ‘team’, I implicitly include ‘pair’.